Tubi Team Up To Save Customers Time And Money


ISCO Industries, Tubi Team Up To Save Customers Time And Money

ISCO Industries, a Louisville, KY-based pipe distributor and custom manufacturer of  high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products, has entered the distribution agreement  with the Tubi Group.

The Tubi system is a modular HDPE pipe production plant that is deployed and operational in less than 48 hours. Consisting of a series of customized shipping containers, the plant brings pipe production to even the most remote project site, eliminating the need for freight and challenging logistics.

“Onsite production with the Tubi system allows you to increase the length of the pipe, reducing the number of fusion welds needed, saving the customer or project owner time and money,” said Tubi founder and owner, Marcello Russo. “Additionally our system eliminates huge safety risks by decreasing the pipe handling requirements on the jobsite.”

“The partnership between Tubi and ISCO is a natural fit” said Tom O’Neill,chief sales officer for ISCO.“ISCO is always looking for new ways to bring more value to our customers.For the right product,Tubi has the abilityto offer better, more efficient methods to deliver HDPE pipe. In a standard production process you take perfectly good pipe and cut it, just  so you can get it on the truck, only to put it back together again on the jobsite. Onsite  extrusion removes the loading, shipping and unloading steps allowing you to keep the perfectly good pipe intact.”

Since HDPE pipe extrusion is a continuous process, the Tubi system has the capability of extruding pipe in records lengths directly on a project site. Therefore, the Tubi system reduces freight and handling costs, while minimizing safety issues. In addition to extruding long lengths of pipe.

Tubi is an ISO:9001 registered system and can produce pipe to a variety of standards, including ASTM and ISO.


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