locate and relocate pipe production within 24 hours

Plastic pipework is synonymous to the development and economic growth of diverse and developing infrastructures worldwide.

Increased project delivery and efficiency.

At Tubi we have innovated new technologies considered to be the future face of pipe production, procedure and practice for the next century to come.


Working with Tubi results in a complete and comprehensive range of high-value solutions to conventional Pipe Relining and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). Our unique mobile capabilities to locate and relocate pipe production within 24 hours allows us to move with your team anytime, anywhere.


Coupled with Tubi’s innovative reeling technology and long-length capabilities we can deliver high-grade advantages of reeling pipe up to 630mm in diameter on spool systems at a speed second to none. The resultant construction or renewal of pipe is feed seamlessly into the required HDD application, reducing up to 98% of welding requirements.


The flexibility we deliver with this highly productive system of ‘running and reeling’ results in an optimal output of high-quality, weld-free pipe with minimal to none overhead requirements. The result, increased project delivery and efficiency with an unparalleled reduction in construction costs.

Tubi Technology working for you.