Up to 30% overall calculated project cost reduction

At the forefront of Tubi’s technology is the capability to provide modular plants both on and off-shore.

A unified solution to present worldwide HSE concerns

The flexibility created with our specifically procured mobile plants integrated with our ability to reel direct onto carousels results in unparalleled access to project sites. These patented industry developments deliver myriad community, project and client benefits:


  • Quick and reliable 24 hour mobile installation via on and off-shore platforms regardless of even the most challenging environmental and weather conditions
  • Flexibility, exclusivity and security of product supply
  • Simplified storage and handling on site
  • Logistical risk reduction with the complete removal of all 20 meter pipe trucks from surrounding major local roads
  • Large diameter reeling and up to 95% reduction of weld joints with long length pipe capabilities
  • Patented stringing technology that enables three personnel to string up to 2 million meters per annum
  • Up to 30% overall calculated project cost reduction

Tubi Technology working for you.