Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Logistics are integral to Tubi’s leading performance and core values. Our mission is to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and minimize how our activities impact the environment on a global level

Tubi Large Bore Reeling Video

Large Bore Reeling

The most efficient, and indeed the only way of combating adverse environmental effects is to reduce or remove local loads on the environment and community. At Tubi the difference is that our unique, patented technology allows us to make this commitment a reality.

Our integrated solutions offer major environmental offsets, safety improvements and cost reductions to even the broadest scope of projects. The Tubi all encompassing attitude to projects and logistics is our key advantage:

Increased Efficiency & Reduction of Carbon Footprint

  • Facilitation of our patented Mobile Modular Technology eliminates the spanning kilometres that pipe and raw material is currently required to travel via conventional methods.
  • Our pipe is produced on coils or in long-length sticks to ensure that during the operations phase it can be optimally and efficiently installed regardless of variable weather conditions or unstable environments.

HSE Logistics Performance

  • Today conventional applications and core installation of pipe systems affect the safety of a large number of people worldwide. The Tubi advantage introduces next-generation technologies to eliminate all unnecessary manual handling requirements.
  • Tubi’s rapid stringing system can reduce personnel by 70% with one stringing application by three men offering the capability of stringing an unprecedented 2 million metres per annum.
  • Tubi’s specialised purpose built equipment and long-length engineered pipe decreases not only the immediate risk to project personnel by greatly eliminating welding requirements, but also ensures less impact on the surrounding community.
  • A total reduction in project workforce and the subsequent number of contractor interface issues facilitates the highest level of project safety.
Tubi Large Bore Reeling Video

Tubi Technology working for you.